U12 Competition Rules

1.       Division 1 games are 11-a-side, with the option to play 13-a-side if both clubs agree.

Division 2 (A and B) are 11-a-side but with the option to play 13-a-side on agreement of both teams. 

Division 3 games are 9-a-side (but on any given day may be 11 or 7-a-side).

2.       Size 4 football to be used.  The use of non approved GAA footballs (training balls) is prohibited.

3.       All kickouts from hand from small square to be taken by the Goalkeeper

4.       Only 2 plays of the ball allowed.

5.       The number of consecutive hand-passes shall be limited to three.

6.       Clubs fielding teams in Divisions 1 and 3 shall submit a list of their top 8 players before 9pm 22nd March 2016 via online form system.  The top 8 players listed will not be eligible to play in the second team at any stage in the competition.  No player outside of the top 8 can play in both the Division 1 and 3 finals. i.e. a player who plays an u12 Division 1 final cannot play in an u12 Division 3 final and vice versa.

7.       Player fouled must take their own free.

8.       Player nearest the Ball takes the Sideline Ball

9.       When player is penalised, player nearest ball takes free.

10.   Div 1 and 3: (9 rounds league).  Top 4 teams play cup semi finals, i.e. 1st V 4th, 2nd V 3rd. Winners to meet in Finals.  Teams placed 5 to 8 to play shield semi finals, i.e. 5th V 8th, 6th V 7th.  Winners to meet in Finals.  Teams that do not make semi finals (9 and 10) and the losing semi finalists will also play in Markievizc Park (subject to availability).  11 rounds in total.

11.   Div 2A and 2B (5 rounds initial league): all teams to play five games.  Top 2 teams in Div 2A to play against top 2 teams Div 2B in a round robin format (3 more rounds) plus a semi final and final (cup).  Similar cross over arrangement for teams 3 and 4 in each group with a semi final and final (Shield 1) and the same for teams placed 5th and 6th in each group (Shield 2).  10 rounds in total.

E.g. Teams 1 and 2 in Div 2A and 1 and 2 in Div 2B will play in a further mini league. 3 rounds.  This will be followed by a semi final 1v4 and 2v3.

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