U. 14 Hurling Academy Tournaments 2016

U. 14 Hurling Academy Tournaments 2016

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

U. 14 Hurling Academy Tournaments 2016

The Hurling Academy tournaments involving County squads at U. 14. Tournaments are Cross Provincial, and will involve 13 teams representing 12 Counties and will take place at the National Games Development Centre in Abbotstown, Dublin and Ratoath GAA Club, Co Meath.


This Hurling Academy tournaments will take place in the National Games Development Centre in Abbotstown, Dublin and the Ratoath GAA Club, Co Meath.


The Hurling Academy tournament will be coordinated by Tony Watene email: tony.watene@gaa.ie)

General rules 2016

1.       All panels shall comprise of a maximum of 24 players.

2.       Games will be played on a normal size Gaelic games pitch.

3.       Games will be played on a 15 a side basis over 15/20 minutes per half, with an interval of 5 minutes

4.       Games will be played under full rules of hurling.

5.       A size 4 sliotar will be used in all matches

6.       A co-ordinator will be appointed at each venue. Decisions made by the co-ordinator in the events of disputes shall be final.

7.       The names for the 24 players must be submitted in advance and not later than Monday, 22nd August 2016.


            Each squad can be made up of a maximum of 24 players. Games are played on a 15-a-side basis.


            All sides should be encouraged to promote an equal playing time ethos where younger players are not playing above their grade unless absolutely necessary due to a lack of numbers within a catchment area.


1.       Substitutions take place during a break in play

2.       The referee is notified that a substitution is to be made - a substitution slip is not required.

3.       Players enter and leave the field between where the 65m lines intersect the side-line

4.       Players being substituted must leave the field before the replacement is permitted to enter the field of play


In all games the goalkeeper must wear a jersey which is distinctive from his own team’s and the opposing team’s colours. Where a player other than the originally designated goalkeeper plays in goal, it is necessary to identify this to the Referee and for this player to wear a distinctive colour jersey/top.



Team Sheets

            A copy of the specified team sheet should be completed for each Squad and returned to the National Coordinator, no later than Monday, August 22nd. The team sheet outlines the members of the squad and Dates of Birth.


One copy of the team sheet should be printed and supplied to the Venue Coordinator in advance of the beginning of the first game.


Players should be numbered according to the team sheet, and should continue to wear the same number throughout the tournament.


separating teams level on points

Should two teams finish level on points, the winner of the original game between those two teams will progress. If that game ended in a draw, or if more than two teams ended level on points, qualification for the semi final or quarter final will be decided on the basis of the team with the overall aggregate lowest score against them.


Semi Final Draw


Semi finals are played in the Cup tournament. In the event of a draw at the semi-final stages ten minutes extra time (2 x 5 mins.) will be played. If a draw still results then five frees will be taken by five different players as follows:


Hurling:                                  45 metres


Frees to be taken for points, with no goalkeeper/defenders facing the free takers.

The team with the most points scored, following five frees per team, will be deemed to have won the game. If still level after five frees per team then ‘sudden death frees’ are to be taken by different players until one team has scored a point and the other misses.


Final Draw


In the event of a draw in the final, ten minutes extra time (2 x 5 mins.) will be played.

If a draw still results the trophy will be shared.

A toss of a coin will determine which side will receive the trophy for the first six months.

Match officials

Match officials are to be appointed to each venue in conjunction with the Provincial Referees Appointments Committee.


Umpires and Linesmen are identified by the local venue coordinator.


match reports

Match scores to be notified to the venue coordinator upon completion of the game. Referees are required to submit match reports outlining the official match score as well as any injury or disciplinary issues which may have arisen.



Participating teams are encouraged to supply any nutritional requirements during the day for their own players.


Changing facilities

Venues have been chosen with consideration given to the number of and level of changing facilities available. While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of all belongings, teams are encouraged to ensure that all playing gear and any valuables are safeguarded appropriately.


Medical Arrangements

Medical cover will be provided by the St John’s Ambulance Brigade or the Order of Malta. Provision of costs ambulance and first aid cover will come from central funds.


Each participating team is asked to ensure that adequate physiotherapist and first aid cover is available from within also.



Groups and fixtures

The 13 participating teams will be divided into one group of four teams and three groups of three teams. Each team will play each other team in their group in a round robin system. Subsequently teams will be ranked either 1 – 4 or 1 – 3 within each group.


The top ranked team in each of the four groups will contest the Cup Semi Finals.

For the teams taking part in the groups of three, an additional cross over game will take place, ensuring that each team that takes part plays a minimum of three games.

Leinster  Wicklow
Leinster   Carlow 
Leinster   Westmeath
Connacht  Mayo
Connacht   Sligo 
Connacht   Roscommon
Ulster  Antrim
Ulster  Derry
Ulster  Down
Ulster  Tyrone
Ulster  Armagh
Ulster Donegal
Group A B C D
County 1 Donegal Armagh Tyrone Down
County 2 Carlow Wicklow Roscommon Mayo
County 3 Sligo  Antrim Aontroim Westmeath
County 4 Derry      
Venue Ratoath Abbotstown Abbotstown Abbotstown
4 Team Group Stage (2 * 15 Minute Halves) Venue: Ratoath
Round 1 2 V 1 11.00am
Round 1 3 V 4 11.00am
Round 2 4 V 2 12.00pm
Round 2 1 V 3 12.00pm
Round 3 4 V 1 1.00pm
Round 3 2 V 3 1.00pm
Cup Semi Finals
3.15pm 1st Group A V 1st Group C Pitch 1
3.15pm 1st Group B V 1st Group D Pitch 3
Cup Finals
4.30pm Winner Semi Final 1 V Winner Semi Final 2 Pitch 1
3 Team Group Stage (2 x 20 min Halves) Venue: Abbotstown
Time Team 1 V Team 2
11am  2 V 3
12pm 1 V 2
1pm 3 V 1
 Cross Over Game
2.30pm 3rd Group B V 2nd Group C Pitch 2
2.30pm 2nd Group B V 2nd Group D Pitch 4
2.30pm 3rd Group C V 3rd Group D Pitch 3

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