Club Info:Status Orange and Yellow warnings
As most clubs and counties will be aware Status Orange and Yellow warnings are in effect for the Island.  All clubs who own property need to ensure that they review their club property and take adequate precautions to minimise risk of loss or damage due to the server weather events that have been forecast.
The last time we had a major Freeze event was over Christmas period 2010/2011 and following that event GAA Property Insurers paid out €2.6m in claims from Burst pipes/Escape of water damage.  In all claims that were investigated properties were found to have little to no protection in place and no preventative measures had been adopted by the club to minimise the risk of a burst pipe / escape of water claim.
Units who suffered a loss in 2010/2011 will have an excess of €20,000 in the event of a further burst pipe/escape of water claim which may be reduced to €5,000 if Freeze Guidelines are adopted.
It is vital that all clubs check their property and take adequate precautions to minimise risk of damage to the property.  As clubs will be aware we have been struggling to secure the continued central insurance placements for the past number of years due to the claims experience.  In addition a property damage claim at a club property will restrict access to facilities and negatively impact on the clubs ability to continue with playing / training activities and the day to day operation of the club.

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