The Belfry SFC Weekend Previews

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St.Molaise Gaels v Tourlestrane
The unbeaten play the win less in this encounter. Gaels are in the relegation final and Tourlestrane top the group. How will they both approach the game, who knows? Tourlestrane have been playing in second or third gear through these group stage games. Gaels need a spark from somewhere but it is hard to see it coming from this game.


St.Mary's v Shamrock Gaels
Both teams could do with a win, they are in the quarter finals but have failed to finish a game out strongly in the last few. Both with huge panels and finding the correct combinations is proving a tough task. This is a tough one to call and would not be surprised of a draw. Gaels have good memories in Bunninadden park so that is all that tips this in their favour.


Calry/St.Joseph's v Coolaney/Mullinabreena
Both have qualified. Calry have it complicated as their pitch was unplayable last weekend so they have hurling on Saturday now. Mullinabreena have 3 scorers in their ranks with the Gormans and Coleman. Doherty is normally flawless from frees and Griffin is driving them forward. Mullinabreena half forward line tend to run into the corners a lot where the Calry lads are more direct which may be the way to go in this game to test the Mullinabreena full back line.


Drumcliffe/Rosses Point v Coolera/Strandhill
Will Niall Murphy have recovered from injury for this game. Coolera lose and they are in the relegation final, Drumcliffe lose and Harps go to it. So Coolera have more to fight for in this important game. Niall Colleary was excellent in the last game but he needs support and more importantly the ball into him. Will Coolera give him that space to work his magic this weekend. Will Logan be back for Drumcliffe?  Expect a lot of physical confrontations in the game which will give Coolera the edge in this do or die game for them.