Junior and Relegation previews

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Owenmore Gaels v St.Michael's
The neighbours do battle to make it to the county junior A final on Saturday. Gaels have looked like a team who are out to make amends for last years final loss. Everything has been going well for them too and with a number of underage titles won during the year all seems to be going well. Michaels have stumbled through the championship but they would have known and been waiting to meet Gaels in the competition. When neighbours meet in championship it is always tight and physical but neither side will back down from that. Gaels to win though with a few to spare


St.Molaise Gaels v Eastern Harps
Neither team expected to be in this situation. Harps were dicing with relegation in the league this year though, and only assured their division 1 status going into the last round. Gaels had bigger plans too but injuries are something no team can legislate for. Both have large panels as shown by their runs in the junior championship. Gaels have been through this before and have a good number of campaigners who will have that vital experience like Quinn, Gilsenans and Kelly. A relegation final is totally different to championship, league , you are playing not to lose instead of playing to win so there is a lot more cuteness required and this is where Donovan, Cryan and Taylor will be vital. Harps could have made the quarter final but were they in the easier group? It will be a tense hour where a draw can not be ruled out but will go with Harps to stay up