Feb 29th Deadline for Regrading and Top 12 lists

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Clubs are reminded that Saturday February 29th is the Final day for submission of the following to the CCC:

1. Regrading (Championship):
As per County bye law, applications for players who wish to have their championship status regraded must be received by the last day of February. As in previous years a maximum of 5 per club will be granted. Please forward prior to the deadline as late submissions cannot be accepted.

2. Top 12 lists who cannot play with club 2nd team in Leagues:
Please forward a list of your Top 12 players who will be ineligible to participate with your club's 2nd team in Warm Up Competitions (where applicable) and Football leagues for 2020. The CCC will review and approve if deemed satisfactory. All clubs entering second teams should return these lists by the end of February (February 29th).